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11 Stellar Customer Service Stories You Need to Hear

The electronic age has seen customer service reach its lowest levels. However, there are still businesses that cherish the human touch and believe in keeping their customers first.We have brought 11 inspirational customer service stories from some of the top business brands out there that went out of their way ...

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How Much Can a Bad Review Impact Your Business

The rise of platforms like Facebook, Yelp and Google has made it easier for prospects to know more about the companies they want to do business with. By simply checking the reviews of your company on any of these platforms, a prospect can determine whether to buy your ...

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Online Reputation: How to Attract and Retain More Customers

As technology advances, the ability to share thoughts and opinions online follows. This can be either extremely beneficial or horrifyingly detrimental to not only the amount of traffic your business receives, but your business’ reputation as a whole.

And while some businesses are currently proactive about their reputation, others ...

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