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The Right Way to Solicit Great Patient Reviews for Your Practice

Online reviews can certainly help convince patients in their decision making while selecting a provider or practice. In fact, studies suggest that online reviews are the sole deciding factors for more than one-third of patients. In that case, providers and practices cannot just sit back and wait for the reviews to ...

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How Doctors Can Improve Their Star Ratings on Healthgrades

Among all the online databases for ratings and reviews in the US, Healthgrades tops the list as the most popular 'exclusively-for-doctors' online reviews website. This means that whenever a patient searches on Google for you or your practice, Healthgrades will most likely show up on first page of the search ...

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How to Report Objectionable Online Reviews: A Guide for Doctors

This blog focuses on discussion regarding the most popularly used review websites for healthcare, what are their general terms and conditions regarding review reporting, and what's the process for that on each of these websites. Negative reviews do happen sometimes. The best way to tackle them is to respond ...

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How to Manage Online Reputation of Your Multi-Location Medical Practice

Keeping a track of the online reputation of your multi-location medical practice isn't easy. But with the right guidance and a proper tool in hand, you can easily monitor and manage online reputation of each of your practice in a way that will ensure accountability, decision making, and optimized revenue ...

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Doctors: Inconsistent Online Listings Can Affect Your Patient’s Experience

Marketing your medical practice is the key element in maintaining your presence among other competitors while prospective patients are seeking medical help. This era of digital regime has given healthcare marketing new dimensions for brand building and enhancing their medical practice to the next level.There are various possible ways on ...

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