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How to Earn Your Patients’ Trust with Caring Customer Service

Medical researchers have varied opinions when it comes to conceptualizing and defining patients’ trust.While a few theorists associate it with a patient’s set of expectations from their physician, there are others who believe that it depends on the confidence that patients have in their physician. However, the collective belief is ...

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How to Intercept Negative Patient Reviews to Improve Service Recovery

The idea of intercepting negative patient reviews has a positive intention of identifying and understanding patient issues as soon as they occur, and act immediately on fixing them – with a motive to regain the trust of dissatisfied patients (who wrote those negative reviews), and recover them as a patient.Negative ...

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Your Healthcare Practice Needs Negative Reviews Too! Here’s Why

A few negative reviews are not always bad for your healthcare practice.On the contrary, they provide opportunities for building and nurturing a deeper level of relationship with your patients and improve the image of your practice as well (believe it or not).Healthcare providers intuitively know this fact, but perhaps it's ...

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Patients Value Personal Interactions with Their Providers: An Analysis of 7M Reviews Confirms

Non-clinical factors like time spent with providers, interactions with staff, ease of appointment, etc., are among the most important things that your patients take into consideration when reviewing you just after their visit. These are the findings of a sentiment analysis jointly conducted by the Healthgrades, and the ...

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The Right Way to Solicit Great Patient Reviews for Your Practice

Online reviews can certainly help convince patients in their decision making while selecting a provider or practice. In fact, studies suggest that online reviews are the sole deciding factors for more than one-third of patients. In that case, providers and practices cannot just sit back and wait for the reviews to ...

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