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How Urgent Care Centers Can Benefit From Patient Testimonials

A significant percentage of prospective patients landing on your website don’t take a desired action—like scheduling an online appointment or calling your office. Of the many probable factors, it’s the fear of the unknown and the resulting lack of trust that may prevent them from selecting you as their urgent ...

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12 Simple Ways to Encourage Patients to Leave Great Reviews For Your Practice

What do your online reviews say about you?No, not about the quality of care you provide or the overall patient experience you deliver. What do they say about your connections with patients?Are you one of the fortunate physicians who is able to convince patients to write reviews about your healthcare ...

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Online Reviews: 5 Things That Leave a Negative Impact on New Patients

Patients are increasingly relying on online doctor reviews for verifying about your practice's reputation. According to a report by Software Advice, almost three-quarters (72 percent) of patients use provider ratings as their first step in finding a new doctor. It confirms that your online reputation is often ...

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Citations Still an Important Factor in Local Search Rankings [New BrightLocal Survey Reveals]

Recently, a BrightLocal team surveyed 22 of the most prominent local search experts to learn how citations and mentions affect a local business in 2018. Based on the answers of those experts, the team compiled a report that provides a deep insight into the matter. Every expert ...

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7 Ways to Get More Patient Reviews for Your Dental Practice

The goal of every dental office seeking more patients is to satisfy people so much that they tell others through word of mouth. But if you haven't reached that stage yet, then the next best strategy is for happy patients to encourage potential patients by posting positive reviews online.Here are ways ...

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