“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

These wise words were written by William Shakespeare almost 400 years before personal computers, the internet, and social media. But they are as relevant as ever–especially when it comes to converting and keeping customers.

In today’s internet age, you have got to make all customers love you and trust you–and you should never, ever do them wrong. Because if you do, you’ll lose them quicker than they can write a 140-character post sharing their opinions about your company with their friends, family, and followers.

Here’s a look at five surefire ways to make your customers trust and fall in love with your business.

1) Talk to Them

What a concept, right? Actually interacting with customers in genuine and authentic ways?

Well, you’d be surprised how many companies don’t do it.

Those who do–those who treat their customers right by quickly responding to their comments and concerns–enjoy a level of trust that others don’t. Social media has made it easier than ever for you to communicate with customers–they know it and you know it.

So you might as well do it.

2) Satisfy, Surprise and Delight

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever. They don’t like marketing gimmicks and they don’t like to feel like fools.

They just want to have their expectations consistently satisfied–and then be surprised and delighted every now and then.

This starts with the in-store or on-site experience, carried through checkout and continues all the way to what happens when customers contact customer service.

Make sure you satisfy their basic expectations–then go above and beyond by offering special deals, rewards and even freebies. At the end of the day, you have a relationship with your customers. And the relationships that last the longest are exciting and ever-evolving.

3) Be Loyal

Sure, you are always going to be on the lookout for new customers; that’s how businesses grow.

But that doesn’t mean you should forget your current customers; ignoring them is how businesses fail.

Make sure you are loyal to the customers who have helped you achieve success. If you are, they will return the favor by becoming online brand ambassadors. They’ll also stick with your company. After all, loyalty is a two-way street.

4) Put Customers First

The companies that are the most trusted are those that put customers first. They sell real solutions to problems their customers face. They don’t try to trick customers into buying anything. They are responsive, intuitive and easy to work with.

And they go above and beyond to make sure their customers’ needs are met.

If you put customers’ needs before your own needs–every day, without exception–your customers are going to be much more likely to trust you (and love you).

5) Do No Harm

Physicians follow the Hippocratic Oath, which generally means “do no harm.”

Businesses should follow the same rule.

These days, all it takes is one little mistake with one customer to do serious damage to your company’s reputation and brand.

Almost everyone is on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And if they have a bad experience with your company, it won’t take long for all of their friends and family to know about it.

That’s why you have to work hard to do no harm.

Do Your Customers Trust and Love You?

If you don’t know how your customers feel about you, it might be time to find out. Connect with the reputation management experts at¬†RepuGen today to learn more about making customers trust and love you–today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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How to Make Your Customers Trust and Fall in Love with Your Business
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How to Make Your Customers Trust and Fall in Love with Your Business
Earning the love and trust of your customers requires you to follow sound reputation management strategies. Here are 5 steps to build customer trust for your business.
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