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How to Handle Negative & Positive Patient Reviews… the HIPAA-Compliant Way

Even though online patient reviews have a critical role to play in the success of your healthcare practice, they don't work in solitude. They are a conversation initiated by one of your patients that asks for your participation to present your side on the matter. You would provide the final ...

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How Google Review Snippets Can Help You Acquire More Patients Online

Healthcare practices can drive higher patient acquisition from the Internet if they can ensure their practice appears on the first page of Google search results. While this statement is true, it doesn't always guarantee the expected results. After all, how many users/patients do you think will check every link on ...

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Online Reputation Management for Doctors: A Definitive Guide [Part Two]

Online Reputation Management Strategies for Doctors

How your patients will review your practice depends on how they feel during their visit. This means that to improve your online reputation, you'll have to start with improving patient experience at the practice level, then utilizing positive patient experiences to build a positive reputation ...

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Online Reputation Management for Doctors: A Definitive Guide [Part One]

As patients are increasingly turning to search engines and review sites for evaluating the quality of care, it's time that healthcare providers should also be there to provide the answers that patients are looking for. With a proactive reputation management, doctors can leave the right impact that will convince patients ...

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How to Intercept Negative Patient Reviews to Improve Service Recovery

The idea of intercepting negative patient reviews has a positive intention of identifying and understanding patient issues as soon as they occur, and act immediately on fixing them – with a motive to regain the trust of dissatisfied patients (who wrote those negative reviews), and recover them as a patient.Negative ...

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