Online Reputation Management for Doctors: A Definitive Guide [Part Two]

Online Reputation Management Strategies for Doctors

How your patients will review your practice depends on how they feel during their visit. This means that to improve your online reputation, you'll have to start with improving patient experience at the practice level, then utilizing positive patient experiences to build a positive reputation ...

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Online Reputation Management for Doctors: A Definitive Guide [Part One]

As patients are increasingly turning to search engines and review sites for evaluating the quality of care, it's time that healthcare providers should also be there to provide the answers that patients are looking for. With a proactive reputation management, doctors can leave the right impact that will convince patients ...

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The Growing Role of Voice Search in Healthcare [How to Leverage It]

With voice searches projected to dominate about 50% of all online searches by 2020, it's essential for healthcare providers to adapt to the changes and advance their practice.Recent studies have suggested that voice searches conducted by patients are seeing consistent growth.According to a BrightLocal study, more ...

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RepuGen Celebrates 2 Years of Building a Positive Reputation for Healthcare Practices

May 23, 2018 marks the second anniversary of RepuGen. With that, RepuGen completes its two years of improving patient experience and reputation for medical and dental practices.2 years is small in comparison to the many milestones that we've achieved in such a short span of time. We are now ...

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How to Earn Your Patients’ Trust with Caring Customer Service

Medical researchers have varied opinions when it comes to conceptualizing and defining patients’ trust.While a few theorists associate it with a patient’s set of expectations from their physician, there are others who believe that it depends on the confidence that patients have in their physician. However, the collective belief is ...

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