Customer reviews certainly can help convince consumers to make purchasing decisions. In fact, it’s becoming more influential than television advertising. At the same time you must guard against misusing customer reviews, since fake reviews are illegal and unethical.

Here are considerations to keep in mind when soliciting feedback from your customers.

Use Surveys for Market Research

Online surveys are a great way to collect information about your customers, as long as they don’t take long and are easy to complete. They help debunk myths about your market and point you toward better sales. It’s imperative for business survival to understand your market’s needs and perceptions, otherwise you can lose market share to competitors that conduct deeper research.

Another advantage to surveys is that they can help improve your business model.

Reducing Complaints

Customer satisfaction is a huge key to repeat business. If you find through research that customers have multiple pain points with your brand or products, you need to take a closer look at these problems before they lead to sales erosion. According to the National Association of Retail Marketing Services, 91 percent of dissatisfied customers will not bother buying from the seller again. Conversely, 95 percent of disappointed customers will buy again if you resolve their complaint quickly.

Useful Survey Methods

  • Design your own – a cost saving measure
  • Utilize an online service such as SurveyMonkey

What to Ask

It’s important to learn how well your communication is with customers to make sure you understand their perspective in order to build loyal relationships. The most basic question to ask is: “Were you satisfied with the product, service and sales agent?” You can maximize and accelerate responses by asking the consumer to rate their satisfaction level on a scale of 0 to 10. It also helps allow respondents to submit their own comments. Other relevant questions include:

  • how professional was the agent’s conduct?
  • how can the product, service or purchasing experience be improved?
  • how fair is pricing?
  • will you make purchases in the future?
  • will you recommend this product or service to others?

Survey Tips

One of the most essential survey tips to remember is to keep the form concise, so that people don’t abandon it, due to other priorities. Here are other important tips:

  • keep questions relevant
  • use consistent rating scales
  • avoid bothering customers with frequent surveys
  • make online surveys mobile-friendly
  • invite criticism that you can learn from
  • personalize the survey experience and say thanks

Best Time to Ask Customers for Reviews

The best time to issue a customer satisfaction survey is immediately after a purchase. Once you gather the data, you can organize it into groups, separated by sectors within your target market, based on demographics and lifestyle factors.

Building trust and relationships with customers is the name of the game in the new millennium, so treat customers like humans instead of statistics.

The Right Way to Solicit Great Customer Reviews for Your Business
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The Right Way to Solicit Great Customer Reviews for Your Business
Here are some tips for asking customers for reviews without becoming too aggressive or going against business ethics.
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