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How Much Can a Bad Review Impact Your Business

The rise of platforms like Facebook, Yelp and Google has made it easier for prospects to know more about the companies they want to do business with. By simply checking the reviews of your company on any of these platforms, a prospect can determine whether to buy your ...

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The Right Way to Solicit Great Customer Reviews for Your Business

Customer reviews certainly can help convince consumers to make purchasing decisions. In fact, it's becoming more influential than television advertising. At the same time you must guard against misusing customer reviews, since fake reviews are illegal and unethical.

Here are considerations to keep in mind when ...

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Why Posting Fake Online Reviews Can be Detrimental for Your Business

Are you posting fake reviews online to hype your business? Ever since "reviews" became a buzzword for internet marketers, the concept of "fake reviews" has been a temptation among those trying to game the system.

Erica Johnson from CBS Marketplace, in a month long investigation found out ...

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