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Dealing with Unhappy Patients: How to Retain a Healthy Relationship

With a patient feedback system, you can retain your unhappy patients by providing them an opportunity to raise their voices (when feeling unheard), and resolve their issues in a creative manner for turning them into your promoters. Patients feel dissatisfied when their expectations with their healthcare practice/provider are not fully met. ...

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12 Simple Ways to Encourage Patients to Leave Great Reviews For Your Practice

What do your online reviews say about you? No, not about the quality of care you provide or the overall patient experience you deliver. What do they say about your connections with patients? Are you one of the fortunate physicians who is able to convince patients to write reviews about your healthcare ...

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How Reputation Management Can Improve Your Hospital’s Performance

Reputation management for medical groups, hospitals, or healthcare practices doesn't encompass only managing their online reviews and ratings. A second function of healthcare reputation management is to track the performance of your hospital and its staff by allowing to monitor your patients' experience during their stay in your facility. Tracking ...

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How Managing Negative Reviews Can Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

“This doctor is scum, a cheater! Visit him only if you want to get robbed for a pathetic treatment.” This is a snippet of a real review by a real patient on a well-known physician's review website – in the internet world things can sometimes get harsh. Where a bulk of positive ...

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How to Actually Get Your Patients to Write a Review

It's not always easy to actually get your patients to write reviews. They may not find it worth considerable to share their positive thoughts about you with others. It's only by providing them with a very satisfactory treatment backed by a delightful patient experience that your request for writing reviews ...

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Alan Ayers on Urgent Care Online Reputation Management and Improving Patient Experience [Q&A]

Get this: 72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new physician. I can't stress enough the importance of patient reviews for physicians and every single urgent care center (big or small) and how it can propel their growth. And, this directly affects their online reputation. A ...

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Healthcare Content Marketing: Why is It Crucial For Your Practice

The healthcare business is crowded with many competitors, making it challenging to stand out. But, your business can achieve a competitive edge if you develop a content marketing strategy that includes solid content, SEO and reputation management techniques. Here's an in-depth look at why your healthcare practice needs a content marketing ...

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RepuGen Scores Big to Become the Winner of 2017 SaaS Awards on CompareCamp

RepuGen has been distinguished with Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2017 Award by the business review website after scoring 83% in the review marks by the experts. It was once again a proud moment for RepuGen when another feather was added to its cap with the latest RISING ...

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7 Ways to Get More Patient Reviews for Your Dental Practice

The goal of every dental office seeking more patients is to satisfy people so much that they tell others through word of mouth. But if you haven't reached that stage yet, then the next best strategy is for happy patients to encourage potential patients by posting positive reviews online. Here are ways ...

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11 Top Doctor Review Sites to List Your Practice [And Build Trust]

A great way to improve your health practice's reputation is to list your practice on doctor review sites. There are many medical review sites where you can list your practice. The sites get millions of visitors every month, which you can tap to be your patients. According to a recent survey, Continue Reading »

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